Hi, I'm Jenn!

I am the founder of Citrine Circle Healing. I am a tarot reader, licensed clinical social worker and I have a Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Development. I have been working with people all of my life and have been reading tarot cards for 4 years.

I believe that everyone is just trying to figure life out, and I use tarot as a vehicle to offer people a new perspective on questions they might have and life issues they may be dealing with. I combine intuitive awareness, spirituality, and my clinical skills to help people work through questions, issues, set intentions, and observe behavior patterns that might be getting in their way of progress.

When I am not tending my plants, staring at the moon, or reading tarot cards, I can be found co-hosting the podcast Making Life Work with my BFF Jenn Walker Wall of Work Wonders Careers or listening to one of the many true crime podcasts that I follow, shopping at my local Magick store, or dreaming of the day I will own an original Mark Rothko painting.


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