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I have had several readings with Jenn. I have to admit that prior to these readings, I was not sure how open minded I felt about them. Jenn's approach to a reading is to educate about the process, what each card means, to talk about the beauty of the card itself, and then proceed to interpret the cards as they pertain to one's questions. Sometimes my questions were quite specific, and at other times more global. Her sensitivity and respect for any manner of inquiry, the depth and compassion with which she read, and her sense of humor made readings during challenging times a hopeful experience. I have also given her readings as gifts to friends who seemed to need her perspective and guidance during troubling times and they made similar comments. I learn a great deal from my readings, but most importantly, feel deeply trusting of Jenn and the process. She does not deliver readings as an absolute truth, but rather a way to make meaning about life events, feelings, or concerns that open up pathways for understanding and choice. I have come to regard these times with her as special. She is a sentient, wise, and deeply caring individual.


I received a reading from a friend as a gift, and I loved it so much I almost immediately gifted one to my Mom. I appreciated the personalized feel of the reading, and everything Jenn said felt so spot on, it was spooky!

My Mom also absolutely loved her reading. Two satisfied ladies!!!

Nichole B

The very first time I met Jenn, I felt like I was reunited with a trusted old friend and mentor. As an intuitive listener and compassionate guide, she creates a sense of ease and nourishment as she shares her work and readings. At the same time, Jenn radiates a fiery, vibrant energy that is palpable and serves as a call to inspired action. Her readings and authentic, humble energy invite you in like a warm cup of tea while also encouraging a reconnection with your own inner fire and innate wisdom. I am grateful to know Jenn and experience her genuine kindness.

Kristin L.

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